Ult Family

The ULTTM Precision Implant family is a 3rd generation implant design which incorporates many progressive design features such as the MolecuLockTM biomechanical implant-abutment seal. The patented Reverse Concave Neck (RCN) with micro-threads was developed to preserve the soft tissue and assist with crestal bone preservation.  One abutment platform, 2.45 mm internal hex implant-abutment connection, shared across all implant diameters simplifies the system, minimizing prosthetic inventory and instrumentation. 


The ULT implants are the clinician’s choice for those who demand Ultra-precision, Progressive Design, and Premium Quality, Not a Premium Price.

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MolecuLock biomechanical implant-abutment seal is designed to reduce micro-gaps to less than 0.5 microns. This seal, minimizes micromovement and microleakage preventing the ingress and egress of bacteria.

Neck Ps

The patented neck design was invented to favor atraumatic implant-bone contact by decreasing pressure to the cortical bone.

The 2.45 mm internal hex connection is shared across all implant sizes; 3.75 mm, 4.2 mm, 5.0 mm and 6.0 mm diameters.  Minimize confusion and inventory of restorative components.  One universal implant insertion driver and one universal abutment driver provides a simplicity and ease of use to the ULTIMATE system, regardless of the implant diameter selected.  

Ult Implant Abutment Connection 01

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From race cars to dental implants. Ditron Group, is a worldwide leader in ultra-precision machining.   The company’s excellence is the result of over 50 years of experience in the design, production and delivery of mission critical parts for the most demanding industries.