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DDUSA Symposium Registration

2025 DDUSA Symposium

(Location to be announced)
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Recap 2024 DDUSA Symposium looking forward to the 2025 Symposium with you there!


    2024 DDUSA Symposium

    Maryland, MD February 2-3, 2024

    Justin Beigel, VP of Sales (Ditron Dental)

    Dr. Ole Jensen, Chairman & Founder (Ditron Dental)

    David Lee Howell, CEO  (Ditron Dental)

    Michael Gendron, Director of Education  (Ditron Dental)

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    Education & Events

    We place a premium on the science behind our products and are at the forefront of education with live surgery courses from 1-day surgical to 3-day live patient courses.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Ditron Dental provides a lifetime warranty for all its dental implants and prosthetic components when used in accordance with the supplied Instructions for Use (IFU) and the company’s protocols.