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Molecular Precision Implant (MPITM)

The MPITM Molecular Precision Dental Implant System features a revolutionary dental implant design, combining high initial stability with a long-term biological anchor. The dental implant system features an internal hexagon connection, the most widely used in the marketplace, eliminating the need to learn something new.
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Implant Body

  • There is high initial stability established even in compromised bone situations.
  • The expanding tapered dental implant body with a self-tapping progressive double-thread design gradually condenses the bone enhancing initial stability.
  • The double-threads result in an efficient insertion rate of 2.2 mm per revolution of the dental implant.

Assisted Osseointegration

  • The unique Spherical Helix Chamber forms a dedicated space for the collection of blood and bone fragments from the osteotomy preparation.
  • These materials can form a scaffold or matrix to assist with osteoconduction and new bone formation.
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Apex Design

  • The apex has self-tapping drilling blades that enable a smaller osteotomy.
  • This self-tapping function also supports a precise adaptation of the dental implant threads to the bone, providing optimal initial stability.
  • The rounded apex improves the ease of insertion, allowing mild directional refinement during the initial stages of dental implant insertion.

Surface Treatment

  • The MPITM dental implants are blasted with AI2O3 and double thermally acid-etched, followed by high purity cleaning procedures. This allows Ditron Dental to achieve superior EDS and XPS results.
  • This cleaning process was designed to provide a micro and macro morphology for accelerated osseointegration.
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Restorative Platform

  • The dental implant beveled collar is designed to be placed subcrestal. This shifts the dental implant-abutment junction inward away from the coronal bone, allowing you to achieve a platform-switching configuration that prevents coronal bone resorption and promotes soft-tissue growth.
  • There is one 2.45 mm dental implant-abutment internal hexagon connection for all diameters and lengths simplifying the restorative platform with fewer parts and pieces to inventory.


  • The MolecuLockTM biomechanical dental implant-abutment seal is designed to reduce micro-gaps to less than 0.5 microns. This reduced micro-gap is too narrow for bacteria to penetrate.
  • This effective MolecuLockTM seal prevents the egress of bacteria. This protects crestal bone and soft tissue from the risks of peri-implantitis, ensuring long-term dental implant success with maximum esthetics.


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Lifetime Warranty

Ditron Dental provides a lifetime warranty for all its dental implants and prosthetic components when used in accordance with the supplied Instructions for Use (IFU) and the company’s protocols.