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The MPI™ Dental Implant System features a revolutionary dental implant design, combining high initial stability with a long-term biological anchor. The design features include the unique Spherical Helix Chamber that capture blood and bone fragments for assisted osseointegration, the beveled collar that shifts the dental implant-abutment junction inward away from the coronal bone, allowing you to achieve a platform-switching configuration that prevents coronal bone resorption and the MolecuLock™ biomechanical dental implant-abutment seal designed to reduce micro-gaps too narrow for bacterial penetration that protect the crestal bone and soft tissue from the risks of peri-implantitis ensuring long-term dental implant success with maximum esthetics.

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Radiographic protrusion of dental implants in the maxillary sinus and nasal fossae: A multidisciplinary consensus utilizing the modified Delphi method

-International Journal of Oral Implantology 2022